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Tips For The Perfect Brochure

Digital advertising may be becoming more popular in our ever-changing world of technology, but professionally produced brochures are still one of the best way and most effective way to promote you brand, services or products.
Here at Newton Press, we produce a lot of advertising tools for businesses across the country but customers always refer to brochures as the most effective for bringing in new clientele.
If your business is at the stage where you are thinking about having a new brochure produced, there are a few things you may wish to consider ensuring that the brochure serves its purpose to help grow your company and increase sales.

Don’t think you can save a little and produce it in house
Professional printing companies such as us at Newton Press, are forever investing thousands of pounds every year to make sure that we have the best machinery to produce the highest quality end products.

First impressions last
This is in fact the Newton Press motto. Take your time and create the perfect cover to your brochure as this will be the first impression people will have of your company. If this is wrong, then your potential clients won’t even pick it up. Ensure that you use your best photos here, real sharp crisp images and keep text to a minimum. Explore options such as metallic inks, different laminates, embossing and spot varnish. With the correct combination, all of these elements can help bring a real impression of a quality products and catching your audiences eye. Not only encouraging them to pick it up, but to want to explore more within.

Invest extra for a quality design
Because you used programmes such as PowerPoint or photoshop to create a presentation once, it doesn’t mean you are a designer. Leave this area to the professionals. A poorly designed brochure will reflect badly on your business, in turn losing you sales. Here at Newton Press we ensure that our design team have the use of the latest software to supply our clients with highest quality designs. We will even tell you if the images you would like to use are not high enough quality. Remember, never submit any image lower than 300dpi and always ask for a hard copy proof of your final design as colours can differ from screen to paper.

Think outside the Box
How are you wanting to engage with your audience? If it’s through images showing your products or services, consider A4 Landscape and use images spread over a double page. If it is using professionally written text why not consider a square brochure? Here at Newton Press we don’t have set templates as we know that everybody requires something different. Portrait brochures may be the usual go to format but is it really the one for you? Consider what your competition are using and how you can differ to make yourself stand out.


Only the best will do
So, you have decided on your design, the format and how you want your cover to look. So, don’t turn to the cheapest material. The feel of your brochure is just as important as it looks. We at Newton Press not only use the highest quality boards and papers but we also use the best machines in the business to print them. We have a vast selection of colours, textures and coatings to cater for all requirements.

So there you have it – 5 tips to help you purchase the perfect brochure
Please contact one of our sales team today for any further advice or if you are thinking of a brochure for your business.

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