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Debating to use Vehicle Graphics?


If you have a company vehicle, whether it be a lorry, a van or a car and you view it as just a form of transport, you are losing out!

Using vehicle graphics is a great way of advertising your company or brand with very few downsides.
Vehicle advertising has been used ever since vehicles became massed produced. This includes right back when horse and cart were the main form of transportation. The graphics would have been very simple and listed the company name and perhaps a slogan. Even though in the modern era the visual aspect of vehicle graphics has much improved, the main principle and reasoning behind using them remains very much the same.
According to a study taken place in 2009 by Neilsen Radio, over 70% of adults notice roadside billboards which suggests we are drawn to graphics and images used for advertising campaigns. Taking this study into consideration, it could then be suggested that that by transforming your company vehicle into a mobile billboard it is likely to be noticed by over 70% of people that pass it.

With the quality of modern day printing equipment always improving, vehicle graphics can now be tailored to your exact branding requirements with the use of images and photos being forever present. Whole vehicles can even be transformed to imitate animals, space craft or even everyday items. The list is endless and is only limited by the extent of your imagination.

The Pros:
• The use of vehicle graphics is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising
• Increases your brand awareness – where ever your vehicle goes, your message follows
• It is there for the world to see which increases trust with your prospects – this proves that your take your brand very seriously and that you are an established business
• Can be applied to any vehicle, whether land, sea or air
• Vehicle graphics have a long-lasting life – up to and beyond 7years
• Your audience is maximised – almost every demographic, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or income.

The Cons:
• It is always advised to apply graphics to a new or very good condition vehicle. The vinyl used will not apply itself to rust and can will not be as visually sound on dented or damaged panels
• If you have a large fleet to consider, having all of them applied at the same time can impact your cashflow.
• Unlike other advertising methods, it is harder to monitor the amount of sales generated because of a customer obtaining your message from one of your vehicles

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