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Typography – what is it?


Typography is the art of creating the letters we use everyday. It’s designing them and creating them and making them real.

A font is a collection or set of letters – they’re the mechanism you use to get your message across to your reader. Every letter and dash and semi colon would be considered part of a specific font.

A typeface is the design you see – the style and look of a specific font.

Typography was ‘born’ when print was ‘born’. Early types were based on the letterforms of scribes. Gradually, type designs were based on the special needs of books, pamphlets, newspapers and advertisements.
Typography includes not only letters, but also all the symbols in a font. Typography applies to anything, which may be read; therefore it includes text on computer screens. A typographer may design type, select fonts, and design the layout of pages and books. The term does not cover the act of printing.
Typography in the 20th century was greatly changed by three things:
1. Modernism and the modern art movement.
2. Information about the effectiveness of typography and design.
3. The development of computers, which affected type design, and changed printing methods.
The aim of the typographer would be to make a page, which is attractive to read, without it being to over the top. For display typography, like advertising, the display must be noticed before it is read. This had led to the development of many display typefaces, which are very eye catching.
Good typography is key to any good design, in fact it can be the sole interest of the design is the typography, its all about the style what the goal of the actual design is for and who the target audience is.

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