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Get the very best from flyer printing

Five sure ways to make your flyers work for you

Flyers have long been one of the most popular printed products on the market and they can also be the most effective. Good flyers can get you noticed for all the right reasons and they’ll really get your message out there.

The design and print quality of your flyers will determine how effective they are. Remember that your flyer might be the first impression a potential customer has of your business, your event, your product and of you. Get it right and you’ll enjoy great long-term benefits! Get it wrong and you could do lasting harm.

To help ensure you get it right, have a look at our top five tips for successful flyer printing:

1. Get a catchy headline

Flyers need to grab the attention quickly. There’s a lot of competition out there and a large number of flyers in all sorts of locations. Good headlines draw in readers and persuade them to find out more. If you want to get more than a passing glance, make sure your headline demands attention.

2. Use great design

If design isn’t your strong point, bring in a designer. A poorly laid out flyer will turn people off. If your design looks unprofessional, people will assume the same of your business. Good design will be easy on the eye, uncluttered and will look professional – not home made.

3. Use only top quality print

Even the best design will be completely ineffective if it’s poorly printed. That’s why at NewtonPress.co.uk all of our flyer printing is produced using our top of the range digital presses. That means your colours will be rich and strong – not washed out or faded. Cheap looking print will make the even perfectly designed flyers look amateur and unprofessional.

4. Keep it short

Don’t try to sell all your products or services with your flyer. The purpose of flyer printing is to have readers contact you for more information, go to a venue or visit a shop. Some flyers can be used to direct people to certain locations or even online. Keep it short and snappy. Don’t clutter your flyer with too much content or no one will bother to read it.

5. Think about paper

Your paper is as important as the quality of your print. Flimsy, cheap paper will give a very bad impression. At NewtonPress.co.uk we offer a huge range of papers, weights and finishes. There are silk, gloss and premium uncoated. We offer recycled options and of course, there’s our stunning luxury paper range for when you want something extra special. We believe we offer the finest choice of papers you’ll find online so check out all the choices on our website before you decide.

At NewtonPress.co.uk we have over 20 years’ experience in printing flyers along with a full and extensive range of printed marketing products for our customers. To see our full range of products, for more information on great flyer printing or to order your quality flyers, simply
visit NewtonPress.co.uk or contact our team of expert printers today.

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